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Cách phòng chống chuột và côn trùng trong nhà xưởng

The damage to the factory, the treasure caused by rats and insects is huge. In addition to regularly cleaning warehouses and workshops to limit the hiding place, reproduction of mosquitoes and insects, you can refer to the following measures to minimize the impact on the environment of insects.
1, Use the enemy.
Using natural disasters is a very common method in many countries around the world, as it is environmentally friendly and inexpensive.
However, this method is often not used in our country, due to the environment and living habits that reduce the effectiveness of using enemies.
2, Mosquito net door - insect repellent
Mosquito net doors are now widely used in the home and have also been used in warehouses and factories.
Mosquito net doors have the advantage over insecticidal mesh doors that they can use thicker nets to prevent rats or other rodents.
Currently, stainless steel or fiberglass mesh mosquito nets, which do not rust during use are commonly used.
How to effectively control insects for factories, warehouses
3, The use of chemicals
The method of using chemicals is an effective, powerful, fast way to kill insects. However, this method often has adverse consequences for the health of workers and affects the living environment.
Therefore, only use this method if you can no longer control the insects around you.
4, Use insecticidal lights
Insect lamps used in factories, warehouses
Insecticidal lamps are one of the safest and chemical-free methods of insecticide. There are many different types of insecticidal lamps today. When buying a lamp, you should choose the type of lamp that works for your storage surface.
Insecticidal lamps usually only work in low light conditions. If your warehouse uses high-pressure lights, you should only use insecticidal lights when the lights are turned off.
5, Use PVC curtains to prevent insects
Many insecticides are used in factories. Although it does not kill insects, pvc curtains in the background take advantage of insects' fear of yellow light, capable of preventing insects from entering the warehouse.
In addition, insect-resistant PVC cardinal sheets also have functions such as dust blocking, noise reduction and preventing loss of cold vapor.
Because there are many effects in a product, PVC curtains are also the optimal choice for warehouses and factories.
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